Find good beer in Sofia

At BiraBar we have a total of 10 taps, offering variety of local craft beers from small breweries, cask ales and wide selection of bottles ( local and imported ) We are located just 200 meters from the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

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Cider on tap

We regularly have local and imported cider on tap and bottled.

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Rent a tap

Машина за наливна бира за твето парти

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BiraBar is a traditional English micropub in Sofia. We are the first pub in Bulgaria to serve Cask Ale the way it is served in London. Our ale is unfiltered, unpasteurized and is served without additional pressure.

At BiraBar You can also try original English apple cider.

We have a selection of really special bottled beers from some of the best craft breweries like Mikkeler or Brewdog and some terrific ales from the Bulgarian breweries Glarus and Brewery359.

If You like stronger spirits, we have a variety of Single Malts and of course Beefeater.

You will find us at  Sofia, Paris 8 str., 10 meters away from Dondukov blvd.

Happy Hour Monday to Friday, from 13:00h till 14:00h   Get a pint for half print price !